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About Our Programs

Students from our adult intermediate group class working on topspin with a raised net.

What tennis skill level am I?


Player is in the early stages of tennis skills development and is primarily learning simple tennis co-ordination tasks/exercises. Rallying with movement and control is not yet achieved.

Low Intermediate

Player can rally with movement and control to some degree and is now starting to play competitively (serve, return and rally) on a full court. Strokes can be completed with some success. Player can also judge where the ball is going and can sustain a short rally of slow pace. Player is not yet comfortable with all strokes. Lacks control over depth, direction and power.


Player is fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots. Player exhibits more aggressive net play, improved court coverage and developing strategy for competitive play. Player is comfortable with most strokes and has some control over depth, direction and power but lacks the consistency of 6+ ball rallies

High Intermediate

Stepping stone from Intermediate. Strokes developing, good shape, maintains good pace of shot. Increased strategic play and increased control of long rallies.


Good technique and control, power and intensity of shot, consistent 6+ ball rallies during match with strategic play. Player has great footwork, powerful consistent ground strokes and serve with topspin, slice and touch including strong net play and return game. Can adapt game during competitive play to suit opponent.

Fitness Programs & Futsal Competitions

Access All Sports competitions run by Urban Rec at Camperdown Tennis
Currently we have a multi-sport league and Street Soccer available. These leagues are all about having fun and being social in a competition setting. The multi-sport league consists of 5 different sports played over 10 weeks. It includes Dodgeball, Volleyball, Street Hockey, Fast 5 Netball and Street Soccer.
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The Outdoor Squad at Camperdown Tennis
Offering a variety of classes to keep you motivated, Nick and the team will help you get where you want to be with your health and well-being. Class options include Strength & Tone, Cardio Burn, Boxing, MMaxFit and more.
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Indoor 5s at Camperdown Tennis
Love football and looking for something more competitive?!
Look no further than Futsal Indoor 5s on Monday nights at Camperdown Tennis.
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Seniors Health & Fitness at Camperdown Tennis
A great unique exercise programme designed for members of the community who are over 50 years of age
Our partners in coaching from Sydney Community College will get you moving on Tuesday and Friday mornings at Camperdown Tennis!
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