Terms and conditions of play apply

To book a court for tennis please select a time below.
You can log in with your first name only and email address once you have selected your start time and finish time.
If you don’t have an account with us, there is an option to create an account after start and finish times have been selected.

Tennis Court Hire Prices

Refer to pricing here


Our Courts

We have 6 artificial grass tennis courts. Minimum booking time is 1 hour. Courts 1, 2 & 3 are tennis only. Courts 4, 5 & 6 are multi purpose courts and can be booked for various sporting activities including tennis, futsal and hockey.

Casual phone and/or email booking requests for tennis court hire incurs a $10 admin fee for each booking request, so book online to save!

To book tennis on courts 1 to 6, book below at any time where available.

To book courts 4, 5 or 6 for hockey or futsal, please email us with requests

Camperdwon Tennis is automated and you will need your door pin CODE to access the main gate, and court gates. Your CODE is unique to your account and remains the same at all times. The code is a 4 digit code with # at the end of it, and will only grant you access up to 10 minutes prior to your booking. Your account must be paid for your code to work.


  • Our courts are a user pay system and allocated by time.
  • If the court is free after you, you still have to book the court, it is not free to use. We do allow a 2 minute grace minute grace to quickly finish your point/match but any more is considered a booking.
  • Players who decide to stay on court past their allocated booking time should book that extra time online first before proceeding.
  • If not booked, we will invoice you for extra time used in half hour segments.
  • Please read our terms and conditions that you have to agrre to when booking, before making a booking with us.
  • Booking times are monitored daily by the Camperdwon Tennis team and CCTV, and we will issue invoices to customers found to use the courts past their allocated booking time.

To book a court for hockey or futsal, please email us with requests