Allan Camperdown Tennis


Meet our Coach


Allan grew up playing tennis with his brothers in Western Sydney, and has been coaching the greatest game in the world for 20 plus years. Allan has been at Camperdown Tennis since the beginning and we are so fortunate to have him as part of the Camperdown Tennis coaching team.

A Level 2 Tennis Australia qualified coach, and one of the best and most liked coaches going around because of his easy going nature and motivational one-liners that will keep you on your toes and having fun along the way.

Allan is our Senior coach at Camperdown Tennis, previously coaching at Wests Tennis Campbelltown, Croydon Tennis Centre and Next Generation Tennis. He also brings extensive experience in schools, group classes and private coaching.

"I love to help keen tennis players develop skills, improve their game and gain a tactical awareness of the game"

Allan always achieves great results!

To book Allan please email us directly