How to Book- FAQs-TC's Camperdown Tennis

How to Book- FAQs-TC's

Kids in Common Vacation Care and Tennis Camps at Camperdown

Camperdown Commons and Camperdown Tennis offer a unique line up of experiences and activities to ensure your kids are thoroughly entertained throughout the school holidays.

During the school holiday’s, the two Inner West community hubs play host to a massive vacation care program for primary school kids (ages 5-12) to enjoy, as well as Tennis Camps.


Unique Experiences for Primary School Kids!

This season we have all the neighbourhoods favourites + lots of new activities to keep your kids entertained these school holidays.
Our variety is bigger than ever, with something for everyone

Select your activity type from the categories on the left.

Please note: We do not have the option to provide lunches anymore. Lunch must be brought from home.


1. Refer to the schedule above, and either select the date you wish to book in the VACATION CARE drop down menu above, or flag the activities you wish to book in the search column on the left of this screen, such as SPORTS CAMP or TENNIS CAMP.
2. ENSURE you follow the text prompts on screen thoroughly.
Be careful to enter Parent and child data in the correct sections, partricularly date of birth.
Note: you will find that you can only book programs for one child at a time.
Note: you cannot select multiple entries of the same program under one child.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I book for multiple children?
We require that each child is registered against all their own programs. Please refer to the instructions at the top of this page.

What are the opening and drop off times?
Please note NO children can be dropped off or picked up outside these times without discussion and prior agreement with one of the onsite managers.

  • Drop Off: 8am to 9am
  • Vacation Care Pick up 3pm to 5.45pm (aftercare included as part of the program)
  • Tennis Camps Pick up 2.30pm to 3pm.
  • Tennis Camps plus Aftercare pick up time 3pm to 5.45pm

A late pick up fee will be charged at $25 per 15 minutes or part thereof. This is relevant for both vacation care and tennis camps, with and without booked aftercare.

Can I claim Government Child Care rebate on your Vacation Care program?
We are not registered for CCR/CCB, so you are unable to claim this rebate.

What are your ratios?
This is dependent on how many children we have. We bring in specific facilitators to run all the programs for us, and outside of program times there will always be a Team Leader and at least another staff member onsite at all times.

Can I give my child money in case they want to purchase themselves something?
No, no money should be given to children- this causes issues between the children. There is no need for your child to purchase anything onsite, and it will not be permitted.

Do you feed my child?
No. Parents are required to pack food that will keep you children full for the entire day. There is no food available to purchase during the day.

I would love to stay and watch my child, is that ok?
While we completely understand you want to see your child enjoy themselves, we ask that parents/carers drop off and leave. No person who is not employed for the program will be permitted to stay.

Can I take pictures?
We have millions of pictures of our kids as well! However, if you would like to take a photo, just ask one of the staff on the day, we need to make sure no other child is in the image.

My child was sick and couldn’t attend, can I get a refund?
We completely understand kids get sick, and we want them to stay home and get better. However, we cannot offer a refund for the session. Please refer to our Winter 2021 Vacation Care Terms and Conditions for more information. With enough notice though, we are happy to credit for another day in the program or future programs.

Are children accompanied to the bathroom?
Similar to school, children buddy up to go to the bathroom. No adult will take them or assist.

My child is doing a full day program, so going between Camperdown Tennis and Camperdown Commons. Just want to make sure they will be safe going between the different spaces.
They absolutely will be safe. We transfer the children between the sessions, so they will be nice and safe.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?
This depends on your program day. It will either be Camperdown Tennis or Camperdown Commons. An email with this information is sent the day before your enrolled day. Please read this email to find out.

Can I ask to someone else to pick up my child?
We all lead busy lives, and completely understand it takes a village to raise a child! While we are happy for someone else to pick up your child, we must be informed before the date in writing, or at the time of drop off for that day. Otherwise, we will not permit for them to be signed out.

My child has some learning difficulties, will they be ok at the sessions?
We all worry about how our children will integrate in a new setting. Feel free to email us directly for any concerns you have.

I forgot their hat/water bottle/lunch, that will be ok, won’t it?
It is a requirement that each child has the following for each day. This will be checked when they arrive, and we will not permit a child to attend without these items:

  • Hat
  • Sneakers (no thongs or open toed shoes allowed)
  • Water bottle
  • Food
  • More food (these kids get hungry!)
  • Appropriate clothing for the session i.e a thin long sleeved top just in case Sydney weather decides to change seasons
  • Apron (if doing cooking and you have one at home- these are not compulsory)

Will there be sunscreen available for my child to re-apply?
Absolutely, we will supply sunscreen, and remind the child to re-apply throughout the course of the day. However, it is your child’s responsibility to apply. We will of course help if they ask!

Will water be available during the day?
Of course, children will easily be able to re-fill their water bottles throughout the day! There is a dedicated water station at Camperdown Tennis and ample water available at Camperdown Commons.

How do I give feedback?
We welcome any and all feedback, email us directly

What should I dress my kids in?
Wear appropriate sports clothing and sneakers. Please be aware that the programs are very high activity and that children will sweat and get dirty. We recommend that children wear clothes that are worn in (i.e. not their Sunday best!)

Can you please keep me informed on future Vacation Care programs?

Certainly, please subscribe here, and we will advise you on future programs.

Do you have a question we have not answered for you here?
Please email us directly and we will get back to you.