Full day Program Combo!

First, kids will learn the fundamental skills of basketball whilst having fun along the way! This program caters for kids of all levels and ages 5-12, and will be a great day to socialize with other children. Students will be divided into groups by age and experience.

Then, with water games we play all the traditional fun running games kids love on a large open secure space to warm the kids up. Then once warm, we play water games for the second part of the program, which involves splashing games, water toys and other water based activities.

Please note this program is weather permitting, so if its poor weather, we will run other sports in its place. Parents should provide all children with a small towel for drying off. There is no need for swimewear. Children should all wear their normal sporting clothes and closed in sports shoes. There will be a drying off period at the end of the program. No children will be immersed in water and there is no pool on site.

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